Himachal - A Fruit State

Himachal Pradesh, which is endowed with enormous natural beauty and resources has a total geographical area of 55,675 kms. It is rich in natural resources and has varied agro-climatic conditions suitable for the development of horticulture. The State has a vast potential of horticulture and has taken a leap forward to produce different varieties of fruits from tropical to temperate, which has made it the fruit bowl of the country. It has also helped in the economic upliftment of rural population and has also generated employment. The total area under fruit in HP is about 2.07 Lac hectares with a production of about 5.00 Lac MTs of all kinds of fruits. Apple is the major fruit accounting for more than 40% of total area under fruits and about 88% of total fruit production.

The agro-climatic conditions of Himachal Pradesh are extremely suitable for growing different varieties of Fruits. The state is successfully growing fruits such as apple, pear, peach plum, almond, walnut, citrus, mango, raisin grapes etc. There has been tremendous progress in fruit growing during the last three decades. Commercially, apple is the most important of all the fresh fruits grown. It has a rich collection of as many as 450 cultivars of apples collected from all over the World. The main varieties of commercial importance grown predominantly, however, are Royal Delicious, Rich-A-Red, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. Himachal Pradesh currently accounts for over 4 lac tones of apple production annually.
It has been recognized as the Apple State of India for being adjudged as the best producer of Quality Apples. Here farmers are encouraged to grow the world's finest varieties of apple. The State Department of Horticulture helps them by making available the most modern orchard technology and expertise and the hpmc looks after the marketing and processing requirements of it.

Last Reviewd/Updated On : 26-May-2010