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The varied tastes of goodness

The Seven-fold joy of Himachal
The pride of Himachal's products is 7-in-1 Apple Juice Concentrate. Ten kilogram of Delicious apples go into making one kilo of concentrate. Just mix six parts of water to one part of concentrate for a tingling beverage that refreshes any time of the day, in any season. Pure, fresh and free from any additive, the concentrate can be used in one of the seven ways - apple tea, apple juice, apple milk shake, bread spread, ice-cream, cake and pastry. Available in 500gm and one kilo bottles. 

Also available in bulk packs for bottles and direct dispensing.
Juice of orchard-fresh apples
Clarified and sparkling apple juice made from juice concentrate. containing all the vital nutrients, preserved in a delightfully healthy taste. Available in 200 ml and 600 ml bottles.

Juices and Drinks in Tetrapak
100% pure apple juice is available under the brand name Apple-Tapple in Tetrapak Delicious Mango, Litchi, Strawberry, Orange Kinnow & Apple drinks are also available under "Ditto" brand name.

Squashes and appetisers

A range of the finest squashes in the country is extracted from delicious, juicy, handpicked fruit, Ginger has been cultivated in Himachal for ages and Ginger Appetizer is a specialty of HPMC. .These are available in 700ml bottles.

Canned delights for all seasons

Peach and Pear Halves and Tidbits, Fruit Cocktail, Canned Cherries, Pineapple rings preserved in syrup for an ‘anytime, anywhere’ snack are available in 850 gm cans. White button Mushrooms preserved in brine are Once-acquired never-forgotten table delicacy, passed on from generation to generation. Available in 425 gm cans.

Last Reviewd/Updated On : 26-May-2010